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I’m a digital environment & concept artist based in Kirkland, WA.
Previously worked at Whitethorn Games and  PrimalScreen Inc.
I'm a SCAD alumna.

My Work


Concept Arts

These concept art pieces were created for cute and cozy game ideas that feature bright and vibrant colors, in J-RPG style.

Background Arts - Deepcover

The background arts for an educational mobile game called 'Deepcover' which helps senior people learn about online scams in real life. The art depict various cities around the world and I've taken inspiration from the New Yorker, decided to go with a watercolor and hand-drawn style. 

Drawings and Practices

Here are some other drawings and daily practices that I enjoy doing for fun. I absolutely love drawing!

3D Works

I am also a skilled 3D lighting and compositing artist. Modeling and lighting were my major back in school, and I still have a passion for it today.

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